Seiwa Leathercraft Fabric Dye & Leather Paint Tex 20g Box Set Florescent Colours |

Seiwa Leathercraft Fabric Dye & Leather Paint Tex 20g Box Set Florescent Colours

Looking for a way to paint your leather AND fabric? Then look no further! This great set of florescent craft paint is perfect for both fabrics and leather leaving vibrant and lasting colour on your products, available in many other colours and sizes. Reducers also available!

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You're looking at an 8 jar box set of water-based Paint Tex, a high quality paint for all sorts of fabrics and leather. Each jar contains 20g of Paint Tex.

This box set includes;

  • Bright Yellow,
  • Sunflower Yellow,
  • Sky Blue,
  • Bright Green,
  • Bright Orange,
  • Hot Pink,
  • Orchid Pink,
  • Florescent Salmon

Simply apply Paint Tex to clean dry fabric or leather with a brush or other painting implement after diluting it to the desired constancy. Patterns painted on leather can be left to air dry. For fabrics, simply dry with a hair dryer until tack free then, on the reverse side of your fabric, iron over on low heat.

Paint Tex can be mixed with aluminium powder, bronze powder or Paint Tex Flash for a glitter effect, for a raised texture Paint Tex should be mixed with Paint Tex Pop. To dilute Paint Tex mix only with Paint Tex Reducer.

Durable and flexible, Paint Tex will flex with the movement of your leather or fabric, but will not flake, crack or peel off. Great for painting patterns on T-shirts, jeans, or leathercrafts, Paint Tex will adhere to most vegetable or chrome tanned leather-wear but is best suited to untreated vegetable tanned leather and natural fibres.

Paint Tex will only adhere to surfaces it can be absorbed into and, therefore, may not adhere to synthetic materials, fabrics and leathers that have been waterproofed, lacquered or heavily treated to resist stains or the elements. Furthermore Paint Tex is not recommended for surfaces that will see excessive wear or exposure to moisture (e.g. oil leather, waxed leather, motorcycle seats, steering wheel covers, upholstery, swimwear, footwear, etc.). Not recommended for use on Spandex, Latex, Lycra or materials that have elastic qualities or that will routinely be stretched.

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