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Leather Polishes, Balms and Treatments

Looking for leather balms and polish? Or perhaps burnishing gums or special treatments to colour or modify your leather? Then look no further, our extensive line up of amazing treatments and finishes will change your leather beyond what you could every imagine. Find burnishing gum, binders, leather balms, saddle soaps and more!
Seiwa Leathercraft Softener Easy Carve Treatment Concentrate for Leather Carving
Soften your leather in preparation for carving or modelling with this easy to apply fluid, great for your leathercraft. Designed to be diluted in casing water, this fluid will last for many leather work projects to come!
Craft Sha Leathercraft 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil Neetsfoot Leather Balm
An old favourite among leathercrafters, this 100% pure neatsfoot oil will preserve your leather far better than blended oils. Economical and handy, this bottle is just what you've been looking for. Comes with a dipper nozzle for droplet application.
Leathercraft Leather Stitching Wax Lace & Thread Conditioner Beeswax Replacement
Why settle for wax when this outstanding thread and lace treatment is just what you need. Simply apply to a soft cloth and rub onto your thread of lace and you'll see the difference, buy it today and see what all the fuss is about.
Seiwa Leathercraft Horse Oil Leather Treatment Balm & Conditioner Paste, Small
Looking to restore your leather products? Then look no further than this premium leather treatment, perfect to bring out the best for all kinds of leather (except suede). Please note, as with all leather oils and waxes, this product may permanently darken your leather.
Kyoshin Elle Leathercraft Penetrating Agent for Dyeing Lacquering Leather 100ml
Add this solution to your water based dyes to ensure they will permeate your untreated vegetable tanned, giving it a vibrant colour that you just can't get by dyeing alone.
Craft Sha Leathercraft Latex Liquid Masking Tape for Leather Dye & Paint
Worried about dye staining the areas of your leatherwork or artwork you'd prefer it didn't? Or perhaps you'd like to create intricate patterns without worrying about bleed over? This amazing latex product will help you achieve your goal, simply apply with a brush, wait for it to dry, do your dyeing and then peel off.
Leathercraft Psychedelic Marble Streak Powdered Gel for Leather Dye
This unique powder, when mixed with water, creates a gel that can create an amazing marble pattern on leather, making each leather piece as unique as you are.
Craft Sha Leathercraft Wax Polish Cream High Gloss Finish Leather Balm 120ml
This professional grade wax polish will give your leather an outstanding finish that is almost as hard wearing as a lacquer, apply and polish after a few hours to give your leather a magnificent sheen.
Seiwa Leathercraft Saddle Soap & Leather Conditioner 250ml, 8.5oz
Clean your leather goods with this 2-in-1 saddle soap and conditioner, great for any kind of leather including jackets, belts, gloves and leathercraft. Exceptional quality from Japan.
Craft Sha Leathercraft Treatment Calcium Chloride to Wrinkle Shrink Pig Leather
This unique formula is excellent for shrinking your pig skin leather in the areas it's applied, giving it a shirring effect that will set your leatherwork apart from the rest. Make sure to use in a well ventilated area.
Seiwa Leathercraft Horse Oil Leather Treatment Balm & Conditioner Paste, Large
This premium, deep penetrating leathercraft and leather conditioning treatment is by far our best, made from rendered horse fat this horse oil is a non-greasy formula will bring your old, dry or damaged leather back to life far better than other treatments. Please note, as with all leather oils and waxes, this product may permanently darken your leather, not suitable for suede.
Seiwa Leathercraft Light Leather Balm Wax Treatment & Conditioner 90g
Bring the brittle dry surface of your leather back to life with this light wax balm, similar to mink oil, but designed not to penetrate as deeply so as to preserve the fibres beneath the grain, Great for all types of leather (except suede). Please note, as with all leather oils and waxes, this product may permanently darken your leather.