Leather Lacquers & Foundations




Ensure your leather is preserved with the highest quality protective finish possible with our range of quality leather lacquers and enamels. We have excellent coats for your leather ranging from a matt finish, to a standard varnish finish, all the way up to a brilliant glossy sheen. All our lacquers are water based so your won't have to deal with that overpowering noxious chemical odour or worry about a fire hazard. We also carry a line of binders and foundations that are perfect to ensure your lacquer adheres to your leather for many years to come. Please note that our lacquers are mainly designed for vegetable tanned leather, to test to see if it will work with your leather apply a small amount of water to it, if your leather absorbs the water then it should work. Please note our lacquer is incompatible with Oil Leathers.

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