Leathercraft O Gouge Groover Replacement Blade for Leather

Need a new blade for your leathercraft O gouger? We've got you covered with this factory original blades, razor sharp guaranteed! This replacement blades also fit swivel knives as well.

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You're looking at a brand new replacement blade for the Seiwa & Kyoshin Elle circular O gouger leather tool from Japan.

This blade is a high precision gouger is made from high-carbon steel and designed to leave a circular gouge in leather for creasing and folding. Its also great for gouging recesses for filler for embossing, or magnets that make for a great hidden clasp.

This O gouger blade can fit any standard sized swivel knife in addition to Seiwa and Kyoshin Elle's O Gouge knife. The diameter of the hole in the circular blade is 4mm (0.16 inches) and the overall width of the blade is 5.2mm (0.2 inches).

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