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Leathercraft Safety Skife Knife Curved Leather Skiver Plane

Great for cutting gouges in your leather, this convex plane will last years and make an excellent addition to your leathercraft workshop. Works great with wood too!

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The curved leather skyver plane knife tool comes in two types: a curved underside or a straight one. Either can be purchased separately.

The two kinds serve different purposes. The straight-planed sole works great for flat leather, i.e where an artisan needs to skive the flesh part of leather, or when working on straight edges. On the other hand, a rounded one works best when working on curved edges or for shaping leather. Great examples include working leather sculptures or dolls. The stainless steel blade of 13mm oozes quality and a promise of good service for the artisan .Its ability to be sharpened also gives you neat skiving and rounding outcomes. Easy to use on both wood and leather. It is crafted in Taiwan.

Item ID 20670
Condition New
Manufacturer Kyoshin Elle
Manufacturing country Japan
1 piece
Weight 150 g