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Columbus Leathercraft Tool Natural Rub Rub Leather Cleaner Burnisher 8x2x1.8cm, for Cleaning Suede & Removing Excess Glue from Leather

Great for cleaning suede or rubbing off excess glue from the edges of your leathercraft, this handy tool is great for taking care of your leather.

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You're looking at a rubber cleaner for napping or suede leather. This rubber cleaner will not mark your napping leather and is excellent for cleaning dried glue or stubborn grime from your leather crafting. Also great for removing excess water based glue from your leather projects.

Simply rub the Columbus Rub Rub cleaner on the affected area like a pencil eraser, using as much pressure as required.

Measures approximately 8cm x 2cm x 1.8cm.

Item ID 20539
Condition New
Manufacturer Columbus
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 50 g