Michihamono Japanese Heavy Duty Wood Carving Tool D-6 18mm Short Bent U Gouge

This strong tool is built for heavy duty carving. Comes with a metal hoop at the end of the handle for maximum control.

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This premium woodcarving tool is built for heavy duty carving. Designed to last for ages, the shank and bolster come from the same piece of high quality steel. This chisel is also bent, to allow for deeper cuts and easier access into hard to reach places. Use this amazing tool to hollow out crevices or carve deep channels or flutes into the wood.

This durable tool also comes with a strong wooden handle. Simply hold the handle comfortably in one hand and strike the end of the handle with a mallet. Since the end of the handle is wide, hands are protected while chipping away. The end of the handle is also shrouded by a metal hoop, which helps add maximum control. Quality made in Japan.
(Please note there may be some play in the hoop.)

Approximate measurements:

  • Handle length: 13cm
  • Entire length of tool: 23cm

Please note: The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

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