Michihamono Japanese Heavy Duty Woodcarving Tool L-5 15mm Flat U Gouge Chisel

This strong tool is built for heavy duty carving. Comes with a metal hoop at the end of the handle for maximum control.

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This fantastic tool comes from Michihamono, a top woodcarving brand. This fine instrument is built for heavy duty work, and is incredibly useful for your next project. The sharp blade is similar to a U gouge chisel, but incredibly shallow. Use this trusty tool to level or smooth out a piece. This can also be used for texturing.

The bolster and shank are made from the same high quality piece of steel, which means it's built to last. Also featured is a solid wood handle that assists the tool. A metal hoop can be seen at the end of the tool. This metal hoop is used to protect hands when using a mallet, and it also offers maximum control when carving. Quality made in Japan.
(Please note there may be some play in the hoop.)

Approximate measurements:

Handle length: 13cm
Entire length of tool: 23cm

Please note: The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

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