Michihamono 7.5mm Premium Medium Wood Carving Tool Straight Flat Chisel, with Adjustable Blade, to Smooth & Carve Wood in Woodworking | Goods Japan

Michihamono 7.5mm Premium Medium Wood Carving Tool Straight Flat Chisel, with Adjustable Blade, to Smooth & Carve Wood in Woodworking

This high-quality wood carving chisel has a blade that can be extended out from the handle, prolonging the tool's life and ensuring that you get many years of use out of it. This tool can be used for flattening the backgrounds of relief carvings.

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This high-quality wood carving tool from Michihamono is excellent for woodblock carving (Moku Hanga) and general wood carving. This tool has a blade that can be adjusted within the handle. This means the exceptionally long blade can be placed further up the handle as it is ground down after multiple sharpenings, meaning that this tool will outlast similar tools for many years. This tool's handle is made from Japanese cherry blossom wood that went through numerous procedures to provide a smooth, pleasant grip and an incredibly sharp blade made of robust and durable high-speed steel that keeps its sharpness for a long time, perfect for wood carving.

This wood carving tool can be used in creating straight cuts similar to a square-ended chisel, but with 'softer' corners because of its rounded edge. It can also be used in smoothing out flat surfaces or leveling the background of a relief carving. Available in different blade widths (each sold separately).

Approximate Dimensions & Product Data:

  • Blade Material: High Speed Steel
  • Blade Width: 7.5mm
  • Handle Material: Cherry Blossom Wood
  • Handle Length: 110mm
  • Full Length: 130mm

To adjust the blade, simply remove the bolster gently from the handle with pliers or similar implements and pivot the top half of the handle on the hinge pin until the blade and shank is fully exposed. Remove the blade and shank from the handle by lifting it directly upwards, freeing the shank hook from the wood. Sharpen your blade on a suitable whet stone. Replace the blade into the handle channel either with the hook placed in the original hole it was unseated from, or move the blade to a higher position in the handle as the blade is ground down. Please note the blade should be moved up the handle in one centimetre increments to prevent too many anchor points in the wood being made, which may weaken it. The handle will compress the blade providing friction which should help keep it in place, adhesives or lubricants are not recommended as this may affect the functioning of the tool. To prevent hook deformation, excessive backwards pressure should not be exerted on the front of the blade, should the hook become deformed and no long hold the blade in place and cannot be corrected, please contact the manufacturer for a replacement. With proper use and care, this tool should still be able to perform after the blade has been worn down by a little under twice the amount that is exposed from the end of the bolster when first purchased.

Please note: The blade edge is sharp, keep out of the reach of children. Store without the blade contacting any hard surface to avoid dulling the cutting edge.

Photos with background grids are measured in millimetres, with each square representing one square millimetre.

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