Michihamono Specialised Japanese Wood Carving Tool 6mm Spoonbent Scraper Chisel

This quality, heat treated professional Japanese wood carving tool will ensure quality results, excellent for most general types of carving.

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This specialised wood carving tool from Michihamono features a short bent tang that's reminiscent of a hook. Use this amazing chisel to carve into crevices that are hard to access. The tip of the blade is curved which makes this tool ideal for carving deep channels or flutes into the wood. Though the large handle is big enough to be held with two hands, this first-rate tool is designed for crafting the finest detail wood carvings possible.

This fantastic, Japanese made wood carving chisel is great for your intricate wood working. The high quality blade is made of the finest high carbon laminated steel with a deep penetrating tang and masterfully hand crafted heat treated shank and blade. The blade has been sharpened and honed so it's guaranteed to be razor sharp and ready to meet the wood, while the shank has been treated to resist corrosion, giving the tool a long life.

Please note that the background grid in the picture is in square millimetres. The handle is approximately 18cm.

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