Mikisyo Power Grip Stone & Wood Carving Tool Flat Single Bevel 6mm Chisel Knife

Carve wood or PMC clay with ease using this ergonomically shaped wood carving tool. Available with various types of cutting blades.

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This ergonomic Power Grip stone carving tool from Mikisyo of Japan is perfect for your inkan or Hanko personal seal, but is great for any kind of soft stone that require intricate carving or chiseling. Perfect for wood or silver clay as well. The broadness of this 6mm laminated steal blade allows you to etch out a larger amount of stone, especially around the edges of your carvings, where a finer tool would take too long. To use, simply grip as you would a pen and, for wood, carve in an upward motion, with stone or drived silver clay etch back and forth while exerting sufficient downward pressure. In both cases while resting your wrist on the working surface.

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