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Mikisyo Power Grip Wood Carving Parting Tool 60 Degree V Gouge 1.5mm Knife

Carve wood or PMC clay with ease using this ergonomically shaped flat chisel tool. Available with various types of cutting blades.

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Whether it is a shearing cut or a smooth scraping cut made to the wooden spindles, this sharp 1.5mm parting tool can be used to make fine cuts with superior results. Using this tool for wood carving would ensure cleaner edges. The blade of this tool has been made by strong steel by Mikisyo. The cutting edges of this 1.5mm tool are ultra-sharp. You won’t find too many tools that offer versatile features like this parting tool.

Please bear in mind that the blade of this high-quality wood carving tool is extremely delicate and intricate, and should only be handled with utmost caution. To avoid damaging or bending the blade, please follow the instructions below.

  • When cutting wood, this tool should not be hit with any object, such as a hammer,
  • Do not attempt to remove large amounts of wood per stroke. Trim or shave only a small amount of wood from your project at a time using multiple small strokes,
  • Do not use this tool to penetrate the wood any more than the thickness of the blade,
  • Never use this tool's blade as a lever to remove wood,
  • Cutting strokes should be only vertical (i.e., up or down), with minimal pressure applied,
  • Horizontal shearing force, in any axis, should never be applied.

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