Mikisyo Solid Steel Hoof Horse Rasp & File for Filing and Sanding

This amazing rasp and file, made for a solid piece of steel, is great for all kinds of uses.

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From the famed makers of the 'Power Grip' line of wood carving tools comes this amazing horse rasp and file tool. Made from the highest quality, high carbon tool steel, this rasp and file is amongst the best you'll find.

Unlike other rasps that are simply perforated bits of sheet metal, or a multitude of hack saw blades wrapped to form a sanding implement, this heavy duty rasp is made of a solid piece of steel with raised teeth, designed to take on the toughest of jobs . On the reverse is a heavy duty file, excellent for smoothing before sanding, or taking on various kinds of material with ease. Both edges of the tool have a file surface.

This tool measures 300mm in length, 32mm in width and is 6mm thick. The raised teeth are 2mm above the surface of the tool.

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