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Military Vessels

Aoshima 41611 1/700 Waterline JMSDF Hyuga Helicopter Destroyer DDH181 Model Ship
Aoshima released a highly detailed of Hyuga, Japan Marine Self Defence Force’s (JMSDF) helicopter-carrying destroyer with Aoshima 41611 Waterline JMSDF DDH-181 Hyuga ship in 1/700th scale. This includes the hangar deck detail, positionable elevators, and three types of helicopters : SH60K x 3, MCH-101 x 1, and ME-53 x 1.
Aoshima 41628 1/700 Waterline JMSDF Helicopter Destroyer Ise DDH-182 Model Ship
Aoshima has boxed and made a scale version of the Hyuga-class Helicopter Destroyer available to be build in 1/700th scale with the Aoshima 41628 Waterline JMSDF Ise DDH-182. The Ise was launched back into active service in 2009, and subsisted by being true to its motto - Readiness, Expertness, Integrity. This is a fantastic and historic piece that deserves a spot in your display cabinet.