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Mitsubishi Materials PMC+ Silver Clay 27.8g Precious Metal Clay Silver Wt 25g

Made from small particles of metal with water and a nontoxic binder, this product can be worked the same as modeling clay to create jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and pendants.

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This PMC+ is manufactured by Mitsubishi Materials in Japan and becomes high quality silver when sintered. PMC+ has a shorter firing time and a stronger molecular bond after firing compared to the standard PMC. Before using, lubricate your hands and tools with olive oil to avoid drying out the material. PMC+ allows multiple ways of firing, making it possible for you to include glass and certain types of gems when firing at lower temperatures. After firing, it becomes a solid metal that can be soldered, sawn, and enameled using tools used in making jewelry.

This second-generation PMC product is great for making jewelry and accessories such as pendants, rings, and bracelets. Suitable for torch or kiln firing. Includes recycled silver, making this product eco-friendly.

Product Data:

• Silver Weight: 25g
• Clay Weight: 27.8g
• Shrinkage: 10-15%
• Firing Temperature:
     • 900°C (1652°F) for 10 mins.
     • 850°C (1560°F) for 20 mins.
     • 800°C (1470°F) for 30 mins. 


• Metal powder (90%)
• Water and organic binder (10%)

This listing is for PMC+ 25g only, photos that shows finished products are for illustrative purposes only.

Please note: Keep out of the reach of children. Wash your hands after use.

JAN Code: 4571178635920

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