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Mitsubishi PMC Aura 22 Precious Metal Clay Gold Art Clay Paste, 1g Gold Slip

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Aura 22 is a gold paste specially designed for making gold decorations on the surface of PMC silver.

Aura is derived from the Latin word Aurum meaning gold and 22 indicates that its assay value is 22 (Au 91.7%).

Apply Aura 22 on the fired PMC and fire it again under the specified condition. You will obtain a thin layer of gold on the surface of silver. Polishing it with an agate spatula produces a beautiful gold colour. Aura 22 may be applied not only to PMC but to the surface of sterling silver, and it is possible to make a gold decoration on a ready-made silver accessory. It is quite easy to apply it to a glass surface or the glazed surface of china or porcelain.

Although Aura 22 is a paste, it cannot be used for gluing unlike the PMC paste-type.

Precautions for firing Aura 22:
Basically, all firing tools used for PMC silver can be used. Please note: If firing is insufficient, the diffused layer cannot be well formed and causes imperfect bonding. If firing is excessive, diffusion develops excessively and gold does not appear on the surface. Precautions for each firing tool are listed below:
Firing tool Precaution
Silver Pot As in firing, light the solid fuel. When the fuel is consumed, firing is completed. It is the easiest and most reliable way. Solid fuel is used for both firing PMC and firing Aura 22.
Mini Pan Fire five to ten minutes after the whole piece turns red.
Electric Kiln Appropriate firing temperature and time are shown in the instructions.
Hand-held gas torch Apply the diffusion flame (flame inside) to the piece and wait for five to ten minutes after the applied area turns red.

English instructions included.


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