Mitsubishi PMC Sheet Precious Metal Clay Silver Art Clay 5g, 12cm x 3cm

You're looking at 5 grams of Precious Metal Clay Sheet, made from PMC+, that will turn to silver when fired. Great for making shapes like silver origami, or twisted silver giving it a wrought metal effect.

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This easy to use 5 grams of 12x3cm PMC silver art clay sheet from Japan is best for cutting jewelry patterns, shapes and designs with scissors or razor blade. With this amazing clay sheet by Mitsubishi Materials, you can use pencil to draw customized designs, tear the edges as well as joining silver sheets and elements together with a glue. 

This PMC sheet has the same shrinkage of about 10% to 15% just like the other versions of PMC, but it dries more slowly.

This PMC silver sheet can be sintered in any kiln, which can hold the appropriate temperature in needed time. You can put your art silver pieces on ceramic bisque tiles, soft brick or soldering pads. A matte white surface can be seen after firing the clay. To make the surface of silver art crafts glossy, you can use a smooth steel tool or a soft brass brush. You can also combine, overlay and polish the silver sheets. 

This silver art clay sheet can be sintered in the following conditions below.

Temperature (°F)Temperature (°C)Time
1650°F900°C10 mins.
1560°F850°C20 mins.
1470°F800°C30 mins.

Please note, always wash your hands after using the product. Do not ingest, and keep out of the reach of children. 

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