Mitsubishi PMC Sterling Precious Metal Clay Silver 53.7g Art Clay, 50g Metal

This packet contains Precious Metal Clay Sterling that becomes a high grade silver alloy with very little shrinkage when sintered in activated carbon.

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You're looking at 53.7 grammes of Precious Metal Clay Sterling (50g Metal Weight, 92.5% Silver) that creates and exceptionally strong silver ally.

PMC™ Sterling combines microscopic particles of metals in the precise proportions of 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper—the same proportions as traditional sterling. The metal powders are mixed with water and a nontoxic binder to create a material that can be worked as easily as mod eling clay. Objects can be made with simple tools, then they are dried and sometimes refined further. The pieces are then taken through a two-step firing process that drives off the water, burns away the binder, and fuses the particles into solid metal.

Please note PMC Sterling will require sintering an a bed of activated carbon for optimal results.

PMC Sterling is manufactured in Japan by Mitsubishi Materials.

Comes in an air-tight resealable container. Detailed English instructions in the pack

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