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PMC Flex 5.6g Mitsubishi Precious Metal Clay Silver Art Clay, 5g Silver Weight

This pack of Precious Metal Clay Flex (PMC Flex) becomes silver at 700 degrees Celsius with only a 10-15% shrinkage rate after sintering. This silver clay is the most easily mouldable of all PMC silver clay lineup.

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This pack of 5.6 grams PMC Flex silver art clay from Japan is made from pure silver that has been developed to provide longer working time. Unlike other PMC variants, this PCM Flex does not completely harden at room temperature, so you have extra time to finish your jewelry art pieces. Tools for shaping PMC Flex include rubber stamps, cookie cutters, children's toys, and other household items.

Just like other versions of PMC, it shrinks from about 10% to 15%.

Before using this silver clay, a thin layer of olive oil can be spread to your hands. Upon completing your art pieces, a few drops of water can be added. Also, wrap the excess PMC clay in plastic, so you can reuse it for the next project. To lock joints and smoothen surfaces, water can be used, but do not add too much. A hair dryer, lamp, or warming tray can be used to speed the initial drying process. When you're done with your silver patterns and designs, sinter the clay by following the required firing time and temperature below.

Temperature (°F) Temperature (°C) Time
1290°F 700°C 10 mins.
1200°F 650°C 20 mins.
1110°F 600°C 30 mins.

Note: Always wash hands after using the product. Do not ingest, and keep out of the reach of children. 

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