PMC+ Mitsubishi Precious Metal Art Clay 50g Silver Pack (45g Silver Weight)

This 50g pack of Precious Metal Clay + made by Mitsubishi becomes silver at 900 degrees centigrade with 12% shrinkage. Great for making all kinds of jewellery.

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This Japan made PMC+ art silver clay that comes in 50g pack can be cut, textured, layered, and shaped to create a range of jewellery patterns limited only by your creativity. By using simple household tools such as rubber stamps, cookie cutters, children’s toys, and more, this silver clay can be shaped based on your preference. A small kiln or torch are used for sintering the clay. 

This silver clay is best used, but not limited, to fabricating rings, pendants and other jewellery handicrafts. 

This variety shrinks from about 10% to 15%, and can be sintered in firing conditions as seen in the table below. 

Before working with the clay, apply some olive oil to your hands. Avoid hot lamps since it will dry out the clay as you work. After you finished your work, add a few drops of water and rewrap the clay in plastic, so it still can be used for the next project. Water can be used to lock joints and to smoothen surfaces, but be careful not to add too much. A hair dryer, lamp, or warming tray can be used to speed initial drying.

Firing Conditions:

Temperature (°F)Temperature (°C)Time
1650°F900°C10 mins.
1560°F850°C20 mins.
1470°F800°C30 mins.

Disclaimer: Always wash your hands after using the product. Do not ingest, and keep out of the reach of children. 

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