PMC3 Mitsubishi Precious Metal Clay 7g Silver Clay Pack (6.3g Silver Weight)

This 50g pack of Precious Metal Clay + made by Mitsubishi becomes silver at 900 degrees centigrade with 12% shrinkage. Great for making all kinds of jewellery.

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Known for its fine and soft texture, this 7 grams pack of PMC3 silver art clay by Mitsubishi Materials is excellent for those who like to create jewelry art pieces with their hands. From trinkets to precious items like rings, you can craft those with this high-grade product from Japan. You can easily cut, shape and mold this precious metal silver clay by just using simple household tools like cookie cutters, rubber stamps, etc. It is also suitable for kiln-firing and torch-firing.

This silver shrinks from about 10% to 15% same as the other versions of Precious Metal Clay, making it appropriate for creating customized pendants, rings and more.

To begin working with this silver clay, put a thin layer of olive oil to your hands. To Keep away from the hot lamps as you work to prevent clay from drying quickly. A few drops of water can be added upon finishing your art pieces and after that, wrap the clay in plastic, so it can be reusable for the next activity. To seal joints and smoothen surfaces, a few drops of water can be added, but be careful not to put too much. A lamp, hair dryer, or warming tray can be used to speed initial drying.

When sintering the clay, follow the firing conditions below. 

Temperature (°F)Temperature (°C)Time
1290°F700°C10 mins.
1200°F650°C20 mins.
1110°F600°C30 mins.

Please note, always wash your hands after using the product. Do not ingest, and keep out of the reach of children. 

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