PMC3 Precious Metal Clay Silver 10g Clay Syringe Pack (9g Silver Weight)

This syringe of PMC3 thin paste is perfect for creating intricate and delicate designs or repairing broken dried PMC with only 12% shrinkage after sintering.

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This handy 10 grams PMC3 silver art clay syringe is the best tool for creating intricate jewelry patterns and designs. An outstanding product from Mitsubishi Materials in Japan, this precious silver clay can easily be injected in a mold and can repair clay parts smoothly with the use of its applicator syringe.

Just like other versions of PMC, this fine silver clay shrinks from about 10-15%, making it great for your customized jewelry.

This product is designed to create a material that can be squeezed through a convenient applicator. To use this, trim the tip of the syringe and press the plunger to start the flow of the silver clay. Wipe the first bud off the tip, then position it just above the place you want the thread to begin. Press the plunger with even pressure as you allow the thread to drop into the desired location. As with other forms of PMC, keep the container sealed, and use promptly for best results.

This silver clay can be sintered in the following conditions:

Temperature (°F)Temperature (°C)Time
1290°F700°C10 mins.
1200°F650°C20 mins.
1110°F600°C30 mins.

Please note, always wash your hands after using this product. Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children. 

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