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PMC Precious Metal Clay Silver Art Clay Tool Set, Ring & Jewelry Starter Kit

Our Price: US$57.49
You're looking at a brand new Silver Clay Starter Kit that has all you need to make full size silver jewellery pendants and rings.

Make your own engagement or wedding ring!

Silver clay is pure silver suspended in a clay binder, when heated under flame the clay is simply burnt away, leaving pure silver in the shape it was moulded in prior to firing. Limiting your creation only by your imagination.

This great kit comes complete with all you need to shape your creations, lint free cloth, stylus, tweezers, finger measurer, mould lubricant, polishing brushes, file, ring measuring stick, ring measuring stencil, clear measuring mat, ring measuring mat, carving blades, abrasive polishers and more!

This kit can be used over and over again to make jewellery for fun, profit or that special someone.

Please note that, while this kit has all the basic tools you'll need, it does not come with any PMC or kiln.


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