PMC Precious Metal Silver Art Clay Large Stove Top Kiln Jewelry Kit Standard Set

This stove top kiln is perfect for sintering your silver clay creations atop a standard or portable gas stove. No need to invest in fuel tablets or an expensive electric kiln when this is all you'll need to sinter your PMC3 or PMC+.

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This stove top mini kiln set has all you'll need to fire greater amounts or large pieces of silver or gold clay pendants or rings on your stove top.

This stove top kiln is shaped to give you optimal heating efficiency. Just mould some PMC silver clay to your desired shape and fire over a gas stove using this tray. Make your own jewellery on your desk or table with a portable gas stove or in the kitchen on your stove top! Suitable for PMC3 and PMC+. This kit includes, stove top kiln, tweezers, finger measures, ring mandrel, wire brush, polish, 20g pack of PMC+, sandpaper, stylus, polish cloth and more!

This kit gives you the freedom to make and fire almost any amount of PMC at as high a temperature as your kitchen or portable stove can muster, without the high electricity costs of an electric kiln.

Simply place your silver clay creation in the centre of the kiln and turn your gas stove to its maximum setting and place over the stove for the time recommended in the instructions that came with your PMC.

Instructions are in Japanese, but the pictorial guide is easy to follow. Simply follow the instructions that came with your Metal Clay. To determine optimal temperature, a laser temperature gauge is recommended.

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