PMC Silver Art Clay Jewelry Blank Curved Ring 16.7mm-17.3mm, US 6¼-7, UK M-N½

Why spend time sculpting a standard shaped ring instead of focusing on the creative elements of your design, when you have this professionally made dry PMC ring, ready and waiting for your carvings and designs? Moulded to fit exactly the right size, these silver clay ring blanks eliminate the tedious task of making a ring and let you get to the business of creating your artwork.

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This professionally shaped PMC blank silver curved ring is perfect for etching, decorating intricate designs or even setting stones to create those fine rings that you've always imagined. This silver ring is about 16.7mm-17.3mm (US size of 6¼-7; UK, Ireland and Australia size of M-N½).

This ring will hold its shape, yet you can safely drill, etch or have additional art silver clay added to it before sintering. You can heat this product for about 5 minutes at 900 degrees Celsius, or for 20 minutes at 600 degrees Celsius.

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