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PMC Silver Clay Jewelry Push Mold Cat Head Pendant or Ring Mould

This high quality flexible silicone mould is great for any kind of metal clay, and will ensure a faithful replica every time. Easily removable from your PMC or silver clay creations once cured, this mould will give you years of use.

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This silicone cat head jewelry mold is best used for Precious Metal Clay rings and pendants, since it won't stick to the metal clay itself and can be removed easily. This silicone mold is the perfect tool to imitate the head of a cute feline to your jewelry creations without any difficulty. 

This silicone mold requires around 16 grams of metal clays, and it mesures approximately 15mm (depth) x 20mm (height) x 20mm (length).

This cat head mold is suitable for the large link, and is designed for silver or gold metal clays, but not for molten metals. It is advisable to use Mitsubishi Materials' PMC variants like PMC3, PMC+ or PMC Flex to obtain outstanding results.

Simply grease the mold with lubricant. Then, put the metal clay into the mold and wait until it dries. Remove the shaped jewelry from the mold, and sinter it using a ceramic mini kiln or a stove top kiln.

Disclaimer: The photo shows a finished piece made from silver clay, and it is not included in the package.

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