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PMC Silver Clay Textured Titles, 8 Embossed Plastic Patterns Pack

Our Price: US$12.49
Emboss your metal clay with these textured tiles, these eight separate plastic tiles have several distinct patterns that are perfect for texturing your jewellery and great value for money.

These textured tiles are clear, allowing you to see the depth of the embossing and any air pockets while making your impression.

Simply apply an oil based lubricant to the face of the textured tile before pressing it firmly and evenly along your metal clay, ensuring there are no air pockets trapped between the tile and metal clay until the textured tile has made a full impression in your clay. Once the impression has been made remove the textured tile and allow the metal clay to dry. For more even results use a roller and a roller guide or frame.

Great for polymer and ceramic clay as well!

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