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Seiwa Cova Super Matte Black Leathercraft Edge Dye Finish Color for Professional

Cova Super Matte is used to finish the edges of leather and can be used in a variety of leather goods such as belts, bags, purses, and wallets.

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Seiwa Cova Super Matte paint was created for professional leather edge finishing. This edge dye enamel comes in a bottle with a 30g capacity and covers the edges of your leather, forming a flexible coating with a strong rubber-like texture that makes it resistant to cracking. Top coats can be applied after the paint has been applied and allowed to dry completely. The drying time is approximately 30 minutes and one whole day for complete drying. It is suggested that you coat the leather edge using Cova Super twice.

To use Cova Super, apply multiple thin coats with an edge dye applicator or fine brush, if the paint gets on the leather surface or in any part of the leather you did not mean to apply paint, wipe it off immediately using an alcohol-dampened, lint-free cloth. Cova Super is sunlight and water-resistant, ensuring it holds its color for a long time.

Available Matte Colors (each sold separately):

  • Cova Super Matte White
  • Cova Super Matte Brown
  • Cova Super Matte Dark Brown
  • Cova Super Matte Black


  • 30g

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Please note: Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

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