Seiwa Kon'ya-I Package Japanese Authentic Indigo Fabric Dyeing Kit Refill

Use this beautiful Japanese Indigo to dye natural fabrics for cool clothes or interior design. Includes fully detailed instructions and techniques in English.

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Can't get enough of indigo dyeing? This refill of reduction agent will help you keep making clothing or interior design fabrics that famous aizome or Japan blue.

Please note that Japanese indigo can only be used with cotton, hemp, linen, silk, rayon, or wool. Polyester and other man-made fibres can NOT be dyed. Natural fibres blended with man-made fibres will also not dye well. This includes clothing that is sewn with polyester thread.

This kit comes with two 25grams of reduction agent. Simply add it to the indigo crystals and you are ready to make more beautiful indigo products.

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