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Seiwa Leathercraft Acrylic Edge Dye Dressing for Leather 100ml Black

Ensure a beautiful finish with this quality edge dressing from Seiwa, great for leathercraft works or for restoring your old leather products, available in brown and black. Shake well before use.

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You're looking at a 100ml bottle of Black acrylic edge sealant for leather. This high quality dye is excellent to coat the trimmed edges of your leatherwork giving it a coloured shine.

Simply clean all wax or grime from your leatherwork using a mild bleach or oxalic acid (1 teaspoon per pint of water), wait until dry and apply your edge dye with a fine bristle brush and allow to dry. Sealing areas you don't want dyed with masking tape is recommended, make sure to remove any masking tape immediately after applying your edge dye to prevent cracking.

Shake or stir the bottle thoroughly before use (at least 2-3 minutes).

you'll only need a small amount each time, so this bottle should last through many leather projects Available in black and brown.

Please note all our edge dyes and enamels are designed for vegetable tanned leather, basically if you leather can absorb the dye or enamel then it should work, but if your leather is sealed and does not absorb the dye or enamel then it may peel off over time. It may be possible to roughen the edge of your leather with an Emory board or sandpaper, exposing the grain or absorbent surface, then applying the edge dye. However, as we cannot guarantee this method wwill ork in all cases, please take precautions to ensure your leatherwork will not be damaged and always test this method on a disposable first item to see if it will yield the results desired, before progressing onto your actual project.

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