Silky Mini Mini-2 Small Woodworking Japanese Hand Saw with Extra Fine Blade

This compact but durable Silky Mini Mini-2 hand saw ensures sharp cut and trim to your DIY, woodworking, cabinet making and home improvement projects. It is made in Japan and it has a non-slip rubberized handle that provides a sure and comfortable grip.

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This Silky Mini Mini-2 small and compact wood hand saw with 6-inch fixed blade is made in Japan, and will let you create fine cuts in a variety of materials such as thin woods, plastics, and metals. This product has the same design similar on other Mini Mini-2 variants. It also has a non-slip rubberized handle which provides a sure and comfortable grip.

This hand saw guarantees a sharp cut to your handicrafts. This amazing product will definitely be a useful tool for your hobby, woodworking, cabinet making, and DIY projects. This saw is approximately 150mm in length.

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