Soil Drying Sack Natural Desiccatant Dryer Deodoriser for Shoes Boots or Drawers

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Keep your shoes or boots dry the natural and safe way with these Diatomaceous Earth desiccant and charcoal deodoriser. These subtle and elegant desiccants are designed to help remove odour and keep your boots or shoes dry in humid conditions. Great for keeping in draws to keep clothes dry as well.

Why spend money on electricity and risk your safety with noisy electrical devices of unknown quality that get in the way, when you can have peace of mind with these natural and safe drying sacks?

Simply place the sack in the article of clothing you wish to keep and remove when ready to use. Dry the sack under sunlight to refresh, the fabric bag can be removed and washed.

Purchase price covers either a small or large size pair of Drying Sacks with Diatomaceous Earth desiccant and charcoal deodoriser filling. Items other than the Drying Sacks pictured are for illustrative purposes only and are not included.

Approximate dimensions:
14 × 7 × 5cm Small - Recommended for most shoes,
30 x 7 x 5cm Large  - Recommended for boots or draws,

110g Small
450g Large

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