Soil Food Dessicant Reusable Non Silica Gel Hydroabsorbant Kitchen Dessicator

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Tired of using ugly silica gel desiccant packets with a limited life, but don't want the hassle of stale of clumped together salt, pepper, herbs, tea, coffee, etc? Then how about these stylish, reusable, non-toxic hydroscopic earthware tablets? These will keep your non-perishable foods dry for weeks.

These great little tablets are perfect for biscuits, salt, pepper, herbs, pasta, sugar, beans, rice. You name it, this handy block will keep it dry.

To use, simply snap off the amount appropriate to the foods you wish to keep dry and the size of the container, snap off and seal in with your food, to refresh the block, simply remove them and leave them in the sun for a few hours.

Please note, these blocks will absorb oils as well so we don't recommend them for oily dry foodstuffs such as coffee.

Made from natural diatomaceous earth and pulp fibre, each slab is available in white, green or pink.

The purchase price covers a single drying block slab measuring 20×4×1.7cm and weighing about 170g in the colour of your choice (each slab can be broken in three pieces).

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