Suzuume Japanese Sakura Chopsticks 5 Pack Blue Pink Purple Red Black Flowers

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This pack of five, fine, Japanese made chopsticks are adorned with the elegant and timeless Sakura patterns, otherwise known as cherry blossoms. The Sakura flowers are renown in Japan as heralding the beginning of springtime. Each pair of chopsticks is decorated in a soft pastel colour on the top portion, while the bottom portion is clear lacquered in a beautiful natural wood finish.

Each chopstick tapers in the traditional Japanese way, down to a fine edgeless point, giving you more control when picking up food. The textured ends of the chopsticks will ensure food does not fall or slip once you've grasped it.

Outstanding value and a quality product, get your genuine Japanese chopsticks today.

At approximately 22cm in length, these chopsticks are standard length.

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