Takagi Japanese Auger Wood Working Carpenter Gimlet 3 Sided Arrowhead Blade Awl

Need to punch triangular holes? Then this quality, Japan made tool from Takagi is just what you're looking for.

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This quality safety Gimlet is great for making holes in your leather or wood easily and consistently, guaranteed to be sharp straight out of the packaging, this gimlet is an indispensable tool for drilling small, straight and smooth holes.

Comes with a non-removable, fully adjustable bayonet cap that exposes 1cm of blade in the semi-open position, 3cm of blade in the full open position and conceals the blade when locked closed.

The three sided arrowhead blade ensures the hole made will be of consistant width down the main length of the shaft.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Overall length when closed: 27.5cm
  • Overall length when open: 27cm
  • Length of blade when fully exposed: 3cm
  • Length of blade when partially exposed: 1cm
  • Length of handle: 15.5cm
  • Width of handle at its widest point: 16.5cm
  • Width of blade at it's widest point:

Please note: Ensure the safety cap is locked when closed and will not be stored so as to unlock the cap. The safety cap is not load bearing, injury may result if excess pressure is placed on the cap when closed. Discard if cap is damaged.

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