Takagi Japanese Plasterboard Drywall Gypsum Jab Saw 16cm Steel Blade

This versatile Japanese jab saw is great for all kinds of jobs around the home and garden for when an exceptionally sharp and nimble tool is needed.

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This extremely sharp, compact jab saw is great for penetrating and cutting cardboard, plasterboard, drywall, wood and more! Nimble yet strong, this excellent saw has serrated teeth and can cut through most materials like butter, both the angle cut teeth and tip of the saw are exceptionally sharp and able to handle even the most demanding job with ease.

Comes with a safety sheath, all natural wood handle and high quality stainless steel blade. The background grid in the picture is in square millimeters.

Approximate specifications:

  • Blade length: 16cm
  • Blade thickness: 0.9mm
  • Blade thickness at its widest point: 14.5mm
  • Overall length: 31.5cm
  • Teeth depth: 2.5mm
  • Distance between teeth, coarse edge: 2.5mm
  • Handle width: 16mm

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