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Takagi Japanese Woodworking Carpenter Hand Plane Kanna Wood Tool 58mm

This Japanese Takagi in 58mm hand plane is best used for wood works and will surely create a fine, smooth and silky sheen on the wood's planed surface.

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This 58mm Takagi Japanese Woodworking Carpenter Hand Plane is the best tool for wood craftsmen who like to achieve a fine smooth, silky sheen on the planed wood surface. The plane's blade is made from hand-forged high carbon steel, while the handle is made from premium wood of a Japanese White Oak timber.

How to use: Hold the plane with both hands and apply appropriate downward pressure on the wood you wish to cut. Then, smoothly pull the plane directly towards you with the blade cutting the wood at a right angle.

To remove the blade, hold the blade in place with a crossbar and chip raker. Then, simply strike the bevel on the back of the plane for multiple times, with a soft head hammer (leather, polyester or wood) while holding the plane with your hand and keeping pressure on the chip raker with your thumb, until the blade has finally loosened.

To sharpen the blade, remove it and run it across an appropriate grit whetstone until the desired sharpness has been achieved before putting the blade on a leather strop using jeweller's rouge.

To put the blade back in the plane, first, make sure that the blade is sharp. The blade and chip raker should be flat against each other and the bottom of the plane should be sanded. Next, the plane should be able to accommodate the blade and chip raker squarely before reassembling the plane. Once any adjustments have been made to the blade, chip raker or plane, insert the blade in the slot with the blade bevel facing downwards and contacting the wood of the plane at a optimal depth which should be close as possible. Then, insert the chip raker firmly between the crossbar and blade, then gently strike the back of the blade (to extend the blade) and bevel at the back of the plane (to retract the blade) with a hammer in order to fine tune the desired tension, angle and depth of the blade.

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