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Tidy Squeegee Silicone Squilgee Convenient Bathroom Cleaning Squimjim for Wiping


Our Price: US$27.99
Have a big and ugly Squeegee in the bathroom that gathers dust under the sink while scale builds up on your tiles and steam is constantly getting in the way of the mirror? Don't beat yourself up about it! The last thing you need is something difficult to deal with in the bathroom. Instead get this handy and stylish, Japanese made squeegee that you can hang from a hook or towel rack and grab at a moments notice.

Easy access is an important part of bathroom accessories, especially while you're in a hurry in the morning or just tired after a full day. With this squeegee you can keep your bathroom walls and bathtub clean, or your mirror mist free with ease. Also great for tiles in the kitchen or windows around the home during winter.

Available in four colours, Light blue, navy blue, orange and white. Purchase price includes a single squeegee in your choice of colour.

Approximate dimensions:
Width 27.8 x Depth 5.8 x Height 2cm

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