Traditional Steel Japanese Higonokami Pocket Knife 9cm Blade

Own a traditional Japanese pocket knife, known as a Higonokami, of your very own. This rustic knife is made in Japan and comes with an extremely sharp blade. Add this knife to your collection today.

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You are looking at a brand new hand crafted Higonokami traditional Japanese made pocket knife.

The inscription states registered trademark Higonokami Sadakoma Sadakoma is the name of the manufacturer. The rustic finish of this knife is testament to the authentic and hard wearing nature of this traditional Japanese knife. The blade of this traditional pocket knife measures 9 cm or 3.5 inches. Please note this knife has no locking mechanism.

Please note that high carbon steel is used in the production of traditional Japanese knives, not stainless steel, which may be prone to rust and discolouration over time. Such cosmetic deterioration is normal for a knife of this kind. To minimise the cosmetic deterioration of your knife, please ensure it is stored in a dry environment, while being kept clean and oiled when not in use, and sharpened often.

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