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Suzuume Natural Wooden Bamboo Serving Turning Food Sugar Toast Tongs - Small
Sometimes, small things could make big wonders! The tiny Suzuume Bamboo Tongs could give you bigger convenience in your kitchen.
Suzuume Wooden All-Natural EcoFriendly Bamboo Serving Turning Tongs - Medium
Lightweight, strong, eco-friendly and it would not scratch delicate surfaces. Sounds pretty awesome so far! What you need is the Suzuume Bamboo Tongs.
Suzuume Classic Long Handle Wooden Cooking, Mixing and Serving Kitchen Spoon
For big jobs in the kitchen, you need a dependable utensil like the Suzuume Long Handle Wooden Spoon.
Suzuume Natural Eco-Friendly Bamboo Wooden Serving Flipping Tongs Utensil Large
Grip better with without leaving any scratch on your pans. Have the sturdy Suzuume Large Bamboo Tongs are perfect for flipping, serving, and more.
Classic Bamboo Corner Paddle Cooking Stirring Scraping Spoon with Hole
You are looking at a Suzuume Wooden Corner Spoon with Hole is a very useful kitchen utensil that is designed to be used for mixing, cooking, and stirring. It is safe for use on nonstick cookware and metal pots and pans.
Suzuume Classic Long Handle Bamboo Corner Paddle Kitchen Spatula Spoon & Scraper
Suzuume Wooden Corner Spoon tackles everyday cooking tasks from food preparation to serving. Makes cooking such a breeze!
Suzuume Natural Wooden Balloon Hand Whisk Blending, Whisking, Beating & Stirring
The Suzuume Wooden Balloon Hand Whisk is perfect to be used for whisking, whipping and mixing eggs, sauces, milk shakes, whipped cream, batter, and so much more!
Suzuume Eco-Friendly Bamboo Fork and Cutlery Stand/Utensil Holder Organiser
Choose a great eco-friendly alternative to storing your cutleries, kitchen tools, chopsticks, straws, etc. Prepare your meals with all your necessary utensils with the Suzuume Bamboo Fork Utensil Stand.
+d h-Concept UKI HASHI Sanitary Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks Standing Chop Sticks
Great for keeping your chopstick clean, this natural Bamboo chopsticks are great for every occasions. Ordar a complete set today.
Suzuume Japanese Chopsticks Lacquered Wooden Rabbit Blue Red Brown Pink Blue
These Japanese made, high quality, lacquered wood chopsticks are elegantly designed, with a clear lacquered finish, with decorative colours and bunny rabbit themed artwork.
Suzuume Japanese Sakura Chopsticks 5 Pack Blue Pink Purple Red Black Flowers
These fine Japanese made chopsticks are adorned with the elegant and timeless Sakura patterns, otherwise known as cherry blossoms. The Sakura flowers are renown in Japan as heralding the beginning of springtime. Each pair of chopsticks is decorated in a soft pastel colour on the top portion, while the bottom portion is clear lacquered in a beautiful natural wood finish.
Suzuume Lacquered Wood Japanese Chopsticks 5 Pack Black Green Red Blue Brown
This high quality pack of five Japanese style chopsticks, come in five colours colours (brown, blue, red, green and black) and features the tasteful print of golden Japanese fans in various stages of extension.
Suzuume Wooded Lacquered Japanese Pattern Chopsticks Blue Red Green Japan Made
Compliment your dining set with this pack of five outstanding lacquered Japanese chopsticks, made from quality wood and adorned with elegant soft colours and traditional Japanese decorative patterns.
Suzuume Wooden Coarse & Fine Kitchen Grater/Zester Vegetable Fruits Cheese Lemon
Time to create your own fresh spices! The Suzuume Wooden Kitchen Grater and Zester can help you tackle all your cooking tasks quickly and efficiently.
+d h-Concept Tate Otama Self Standing Kitchen Soup Ladle & Dish Made in Japan
This amazing ladle with dish will stand on it's own, great for any kitchen and super convenient too!
Suzuume Plain Japanese Bamboo Chopsticks Green & Natural
These elegantly minimalist bamboo chopsticks are the ultimate in natural dining. The still green side of each chopstick from the outside of the bamboo, combine with the natural colour and texture of the remaining sides of these chopsticks, speaks of its natural origins.