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Wood Planes, Mini Planes & Sanders

Flatten, smooth, and shape your wood carving and woodwork with precision using our range of quality Japanese wood planes. Comes in many sizes and shapes.

Having the best crafts comes from not just excellent woodworking skills but also a little help from planes and sanders for smooth finishing. Wood planes, mini planes, and sanders will help give every wood surface with an even, smooth, and sheen surface in every woodcraft.

These tools are not only for woodcrafts such as general carpentry and furniture but also made to give every leathercraft unique finishing touch by thinning the layer of leather, skiving, beveling, and cutting the leather. It can also give artisans more control, making it easier for them to make angled finishing.

Planes are great for smoothing out curve edges or shaping off the leather. Files are best for smoothing inside and or outside radius and can be used for texturing different materials, while sanders can make surfaces smooth and textured.

Feel free to browse any of our variation of planes and sanders that will surely fit beginners and artisans. Our products use high-quality materials that will be worth getting, available to be shipped worldwide.