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Wood Carving Sharpeners, Oil Stones & Whetstones

Sharpen your wood carving knives and tools with our range of Japanese whet stones, oil stones and sharpeners to ensure your tools are razor sharp.

Wood carving sharpeners, oil stones, and whetstones are one of the must-have tools not only in wood carving but also in other works that require the sharpening of your cutting tools. With the different variety of sharpening tools to choose from, whetstones and oilstones can help you repair chipped edges and restore blades. It can also give finely polished edges, can be used to sharpen dull blades, and making the edges or blades of your tool razor sharp with just a few strokes and a little pressure.

Using a sharp tool or blade is much safer than using a blunt one, as it can easily slip, causing you to cut yourself. While oils can also help you in maintaining the sharpness of the blade of your tool by ensuring the smoothness of the blade and it can also help in preventing rust in the edges or blades.

Feel free to browse our sharpening tool selection, great for all kinds of blades like kitchen knives, wood carving tools, leather crafting tools, or any type of blade. We’re ready to ship wherever in the world you are.