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Specialised Woodworking items

Have a special wood carving job that needs doing, but can't find the right tools? You just might here, with our array of specialised tools, useful for unusual or difficult wood carving applications.

Whether you need a Fluteroni, Macaroni wood carving tools for that special job, or have an unusual wood carving task that needs taking care of then we have an outstanding line-up of specialised wood carving tools to suit your needs.

These include square cut-outs, cutting the insides of deep holes, hollowing out unusual shapes, carving eyes in figurines, and more. For these, we have spoon bent carving tools, angled wood carving blades, reversed shaped blades, with bevels and designs you haven't even considered, all expertly made by Japanese artisans.

So if you're tired of having to carve your wood with conventional tools, try our unconventional tools instead of ordinary wood carving chisels that just won't do.