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Yoita Woodworking Sharpening Stone Coarse Grit 320 Whetstone, with 4 Ridges & 5 Channels, to Sharpen Japanese Wood Carving Tools

Get professional results at home using this purpose made whet stone for Japanese wood carving tools. Coarse Grit #320.

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This purpose made whet stone is ideal for sharpening your Japanese wood carving tools, it has four ridges and five channels as well as flat surfaces on which to sharpen your wood carving tools ensuring professional results.

Don't waste time on imperfect results using a flat, traditional whet stone or oil stone trying to sharpen the intricate contours of your wood carving tools or spend a fortune on having them sharpened at a knife sharpener's shop when you could spend a fraction of the time or cost doing it yourself at home.

Simply wet the stone and run the blade of your tool, back and forth, over the appropriate ridge or channel at the same angle as the bevel of the cutting edge of your tool until the blade is sharp. Strop whenever possible to ensure lasting results.

Whet stones are available in coarse or fine grit.

Item ID 20111
Condition New
Manufacturer Yoita
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 350 g