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Zetsaw Z-7011 Woodworking Replacement Blade, with Impulse Hardened Teeth, for 150mm Z-7010 Dozuki-Nokogiri Japanese Semi-Fine Pull Saw

Replace the blade on your Japanese pull saw with this Zetsaw dozuki replacement blade to keep it in excellent working condition.

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This woodworking replacement blade from Zetsaw will allow you to saw wood with ease and precision. This replacement blade is made of high-quality steel for precision and longevity, and it can be easily removed and replaced from its rattan-wrapped wooden handle. This Japanese saw blade works on a pull stroke, allowing you to effortlessly follow your cutting line, resulting in more precise and smoother cuts. The fine kerf produced by the narrow blade means minimal material loss and sawdust.

This replacement blade for the Japanese Zetsaw is a great semi-fine woodworking blade. It also works well with general lumber, hardwoods and softwoods, plywood, and laminated board. The blade includes a unique "beak" tooth that allows you to start a cut in the middle of a wood panel. The teeth are impulse hardened, resulting in a blade that is strong and durable for extended life and use.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Blade length: 150mm
  • Pitch :1.41mm
  • Blade thickness: 0.30mm
  • Cutting width: 0.49mm
  • Teeth Per Inch (TPI): 18

Please note: The cutting edge is sharp, keep out of the reach of children. Store without the blade contacting any hard surface to avoid dulling the edge.

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