Antique 1916-1937 Japanese Pattern 1 Sen Leathercraft Coin Concho 28mm Tails

A truly unique Concho, fashion from a genuine antique coin. Show real originality with your leathercraft work with this antique coin Concho.

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You're looking at a beautifully polished, genuine pre-war Japanese coin Concho. Unlike alternatives, this Concho has been fashioned from an genuine pre-war Japanese coin and is not a reproduction. This coin was in circulation in Japan between 1916 to 1937 with the tails side of the coin showing.

Comes complete with screws and back-mount, this concho is very hard to find and adds an amazing flare to your leathercraft, use it to cover jacket buttons, wallet flap snaps, as cufflinks and more!

The background grid shows 1mm squares.

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