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Hammers for Woodworking

Choose from our collection of high-quality Japanese hammers in various sizes, weights, and profiles for all your woodworking needs. These hammers are great for driving in nails, striking chisels, adjusting planes, and more.

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Goods Japan offers a wide selection of Japanese woodworking hammers, mallets and mauls, that will suit your preference and needs. Our hammers come in various profiles, weights, and sizes for different kinds of woodworking tasks. These hammers are made from high-quality materials and will provide you with many years of excellent service. Suitable for beginners, hobbyists, and even professional woodworkers.

We have hammers for pulling and driving in nails, adjusting Japanese hand planes, striking chisels and gouges, as well as hammers for precise and delicate woodworking. With a wide range of Japanese woodworking hammers to choose from, the tools you buy from Goods Japan will surely make your wood carving experience efficient and memorable.