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We have manufactured and provided hand tools, tools, etc. Teaching materials used in school art and technology classes. In this way, we have helped to foster the healthy imagination and rich sensibility of children who will lead the future. Since the latter half of the 1960s, we have been exporting woodworking cutlery to the United States, Europe and Australia.

With the know-how of manufacturing various tools for teaching materials, we have developed various tools for handicrafts. We have developed and provided cannahera for ceramics, knives and chisel for stone carving, cloisonne supplies, knives for models such as modeling and figurines, and various tools.

No matter how dexterous the human hand is, things that cannot be done by hand can be done by using "tools". Cutting, shaving, "shaving", "septal", making holes, cutting, polishing, removing burrs. Good tools make you feel various possibilities and create inspiration. My heart is excited.