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Seiwa is a renown manufacturer of quality dyes and chemicals for fabrics and leather, as well as a purveyor of fine leathercraft tools and supplies. It is because of this quality that Goods Japan offers Seiwa's quality products to a worldwide market.

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Seiwa is a renown manufacturer of leather and fabric chemicals and tools, that they have been developing since the founding of Seiwa in 1939. Since then Seiwa have also been focusing on the development and sale of dyeing craft materials. After the building of Seiwa's headquarters in Takadanobaba, Tokyo, Japan, Seiwa have spread the joy and beauty of dyeing to as many people as possible. In 1954, while there was no cultural classroom at that time, Mari Ota and Hiroshi Ota were introduced to Seiwa and opened Seiwa's dyeing class, where they taught their skills to many students.

Seiwa's expertise in leathercraft began with Professor Yasuhito Tani, who conducted research in the early 1930s on leathercrafts, and opened a leathercraft class. There was a time when Goro Takahashi of Gorose and his sect also taught as instructors. Since then, many graduates from specialists to the general public have spread the world of various dyeing and leather crafts, including traditional Japanese arts such as wax, yuzen, chintz, and bingata, as well as other fashionable art forms.

In addition, Seiwa have conducted research on craft dyes, chemicals, tools, and materials in line with the development of the school, seeking to make products that have easier handling and higher quality, and they are continuing to develop them. SEIWA has a history of tradition and achievement in Japan in dyeing and leather crafting that continues to this day.