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Craft Sha

Craft Sha Co. Ltd, is a world class producer of leathercraft tools and leather chemicals, as well as a school for leathercrafters, located in Tokyo, Japan.

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Craft Sha Co. Ltd. had its roots as a fabric dyeing concern, founded by Toko Hikari, in 1952 who soon began teaching the art of cloth dyeing in 1953. Soon after, Toko Hikari, under the tutelage of Professor Eijiro Kanno of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, began the commercial dyeing of leather (a rarity in Japan at the time), for specialised artisans. By 1960, demand had grown so much for Mr. Toko Hikari's dyed leather products, that his brother, Mr. Toko Mitsuhiko opened a leather shop alongside the school founded by Mr. Toko Hikari, establishing Craft Sha Co. Ltd. in 1964.

Since then Craft Sha expanded, opening an outlet in 1968 and began the importation of leathercraft tools in 1973, in the same year Ms. Kazuko Hikosaka, the wife of Mr. Toko Mitsuhiko, published one of the first books on leathercraft, going onto publish dozens of books on the subject. Ms. Kazuko Hikosaka, with her vast experience, also went onto develop Craft Sha's factory with the aim of producing not only better quality tools that were unavailable in Japan, but original leathercraft tools that had never been made before. These included everything from basic leather stamps, carving tools and general leather tools, all the way up to joint ventures with Janome to produce advanced, portable leathercraft sewing machines.

Today, Craft Sha remains a family business, producing quality tools at their own factory in Japan, and teaching classes in leathercraft. Craft Sha remains true to its roots, dedicated to helping and teaching leathercrafters of all experience levels.